Welcome to my home.


Hopefully you can find something of use here. My purpose of these pages is not only to showcase my writing, but to share what I have learned about writing, as well as what I am currently learning. Like all other professionals, writers need to not only continue to practice their craft, but also learn from their fellow artists. I've made a habit of studying writing for at least half an hour every day, in addition to my own writing. As many have said before, "success leaves clues." I have found that the best way to find those clues is to search for them. 



Wishing you the best, 


 Jeff Marler

Current Projects

I am finishing up two short stories: one about a magician who finds himself the target of a character assassin just as his business as a protection expert is taking off and the other is the story of a man who discovers he can travel through time, but only to the past. 


Once those stories are complete then I will resume work on my novel "Daeman's War." Within it's pages, Daeman Kale, swordsman turned wizard finds himself bonded to a familiar owned by a powerful wizard circle. Unfortunately for Daeman, familiars bond for life and the owners of the familiar have no qualms with killing Daeman to get their familaar back. 

My Stories

I work primarily in fantasy and science fiction. I dabble in the occasional essay or a story set in the present day, but there is always a twist. I tended to frustrate my writing teachers by attempting to writing stories that broke their rules of writing. There was something magical about going against the grain. 

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